3 ECTS points are awarded for full participation in the summer school which includes bringing a poster.


  • Bring a poster, ideally related to inverse problems. The poster should be no larger than A0 in portrait mode (841 mm wide ✕ 1189 mm tall).
  • Pitch your poster before the poster session. The pitch is a 1 minute presentation with 1 or 2 slides. The time limit is strict!
  • Present your poster at the poster session.

Poster printing will not be available at the venue. Make sure to print your poster before departure!

Posters should also be emailed to Peter Winkel Rasmussen,, along with the poster pitch slides no later than August 3rd (the subject of the poster should be “Poster Summer School 2020”). Posters will appear on this webpage. A prize is given to the best poster!

Posters Presented

  1. Katrine Ottesen Bangsgaard: A joint CT reconstruction model that computes intensity drift and detector response. Winner!
  2. Hjørdis Amanda Schlüter: Acousto-electric tomography
  3. on Riemannian manifolds.
  4. Patrick Møller Jensen: Finding Space-Time Boundaries with Deformable Hypersurfaces.
  5. Mads Emil Brix Doest: Rendering Polarization Images for Deep Learning.*
  6. Jakeoung Koo: Shape from Projections via Differentiable Forward Projector.*
  7. Peter Winkel Rasmussen: Tomographic reconstruction of undersampled data using strong initialisation.*
  8. Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard: Domain transfer using GAN for classification of glaucoma in retinal fundus images.*
  9. Kasper Skou Ladefoged: Spatially-Varying Diffuse Reflectance Capture Using Irradiance Map Rendering for Image-Based Modeling Applications.
  10. Torkan Gholamalizadeh: Teeth Movement Variations in Orthodontics: A Finite Element Study on Several Patients.
  11. Max Kragballe Nielsen: Animation-Based Soft Robot Control.
  12. Mathias Højgaard Jensen: Simulation of Conditioned Diffusions on Riemannian Manifolds.
  13. Faezeh Moshfeghifar: Hip joint stress analysis considering anatomical variations.
  14. José D. Tascón-Vidarte: Towards Real-Time Deformable Image Registration in Radiotherapy.
  15. Thomas Alscher: Implicit-based collision detection.
  16. Niels Jeppesen: Sparse Layered Graphs for Multi-Object Segmentation.
  17. Tim Felle Olsen: Hex-meshes aligned to direction fields.*
  18. Steffen Czolbe: Deep Feature based Image Registration.
  19. Kasra Arnavaz: Bayesian Active Learning For Model Fitting.* Runner up!
  20. Florian Cyril Stutz: Singularity Aware De-Homogenization for High-Resolution Topology Optimized Structures.*
  21. Hans JT Stephensen: Estimating Objects from Shape Relation Measures.
  22. Dolores Messer: Landmarks Measurement on Grey Seal Skulls Using a SeeMaLab Structured Light 3D Scanner and Microscribe 3d Digitizer.

*Poster includes material about to be submitted, in the process of submission or similar and is therefore not public.